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RMD Global INC is comprised of three experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen, who prior to collaborating, have owned and managed multiple businesses. At RMD Global INC, we have extensive knowledge about retail, wholesale, and manufacturing markets. Our team has developed and integrated systems that continue to be a fundamental part of today’s businesses and industries.

Our team is proud to be a part of many successful business relationships, with many clients on different platforms and levels, some as partnerships and some strictly as representatives, agents, or distributors.

At RMD Global INC, we have a wide range of experience including the following markets: Cosmetics, Hair and Beauty, Therapeutic, Art and Décor, Health & Wellness, Toys, Sunglasses, Fashion, Car Accessories, and more.

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At RMD Global INC, we are continuously looking to grow our portfolio and find engaging projects where we can bring our experience and expertise to grow and elevate your company.

Contact our top-rated customer service team today to learn more details about how we can elevate your business. We look forward to helping you achieve your business goals.

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Your “One-Stop-Shop”

RMD is a “One Stop Shop” for Training, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Investment Proposals, Research & Development, Product & Packaging Design, Customer Service & Fulfillment, Event Representation & Activation, Digital Marketing & Multimedia, and Sponsorships & Corporate Global Affiliates.


Business Development

At RDM, we have created fundamental business development techniques to help your business improve productivity. With our business development plans, we can create longstanding values for your business and future opportunities with potential partners and organizations. A strong business development plan will help by improving the systems that move your business forward such as marketing, customer relations, and employee morale.

We work closely with your business to create a custom business plan that improves the way that your business develops. At RMD we have made tremendous strides and accomplishments by creating strong business development platforms with our long list of successful clients.

Business Development Services

Product & Package Design

Your product’s packaging is just as important as the product itself. The design of a package should attract consumers and represent the business’s brand.

At RDM, we create and design the perfect packaging for every product, business, and store. With our team of expert graphic designers, we’ll highlight your product’s best features to grab the attention of consumers and boost sales.


Investment Proposals

The best investment proposals detail vital information which is used to give investors insight into the best ideas and business models that will bring a return on their investment. Because of this, it is imperative that you do not underestimate the amount of work and care that must go into detailing the different aspects that will compel potential investors.

At RMD, we provide the right tools to write an investment proposal that will inform and entice the right investor. We help businesses create well organized and efficient investment proposals that will win you the support of financial investors and institutions.



Sales are the lifeline of any business and sales have to increase in order to grow and reach each new level of your business plan. We have more than a decade of experience in helping businesses increase their productivity and amplify their growth by generating more sales.

At RMD we use multiple tactics that start by researching your business and discovering the best techniques that attract more consumers and drive more conversions.



A strong team is crucial to the growth and development of your business. Without proper training, your team can become stagnant and productivity will be hindered by an inability to perform.
That is why we offer employee training at RMD Global INC. Our team will work with yours to learn, understand, adopt, and reinforce the best work practices to help them maximize their potential and reach their goals.


Research & Development

Research and Development is a vital component of any business in order to get ahead of your competitors. At RMD, we perform thorough research on your business. We take the time to understand your industry, your competitors and the latest developments in tech and best practices.

Our research and development tactics help us understand the areas where your business can use improvement. Once we know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, we can help you implement meaningful changes to these areas to promote increased growth and to improve upon your business strategies.

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